Betting on Golf at the 2021 Summer Olympics

The 2021 Summer Olympics are taking place in Tokyo this month and they offer many top wagering opportunities for bettors at real money sports betting sites. One of the sports that figures to be a hot betting property at the Games is golf, which will feature top professionals battling it out for the gold. Knowing how to bet on golf at the Summer Games could be a pathway to profit.

We’re coming up quick on the start of the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The Games, which were pushed back from their original start date of 2020, feature many sports that have long been associated with the Olympics, including gymnastics, swimming and track and field. You might not think about golf on that list.

Yet golf returned with a big splash at the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With Men’s and Women’s events held for the first time since 1904, the pros showed up looking for the chance at gold. The event was a hit and now it returns in Tokyo for another four-round tournament to determine the medalists.

Betting on Olympic Golf
How to Get Started Wagering on Olympics Golf
Betting Olympic Golf on the Moneyline
Types of Olympic Golf Bets
The Advantages of Betting on Olympic Golf
Strategies for Betting on Olympic Golf
Summer Olympics 2021 Golf Schedule

Betting on Olympic Golf

With this year’s Olympic golf event, some of the novelty has worn off and it is more of an entrenched part of the landscape. And that should mean more betting attention on the event this time around, Bettors can take part at both live, physical sportsbooks and online sports gambling websites.

Yet that process can be a little daunting for some newcomers, with everything from the way to sign up for the sites and the types of bets being new to some people. Luckily, the process isn’t as hard as you might think, especially if you have the resources to help out. That’s what we’re hoping you to provide here with this primer on betting on golf at the 2021 Summer Olympic Games.

We’ll explain how you can get set up to make bets on Olympic golf at top real money sports wagering sites. In addition, we’ll talk about the types of bets that might be available to you and we’ll also explain how golf odds work. Finally, we’ll give you a little preview of the action with a look at some of the top players expected to compete in Tokyo.

How to Get Started Wagering on Olympics Golf

The Summer Olympics starts off on Friday, July 23 with the Opening Ceremonies in Tokyo. Golf action begins six days later on July 29 with the beginning of the Men’s medal event. You might not think that gives you enough time to get started betting on golf if you’ve never done it before.

Luckily, placing legal bets on the action is much easier than you might think, especially these days when there are many more legal avenues for placing the wagers both in person and online. There are two main ways that you can place your Olympic golf wagers:

You can go to a physical sportsbook that is accepting wager on Olympic action. Many US states have legalized sports betting and have sportsbooks located in casinos, at race tracks, and, in some cases, as standalone attractions.
You can wager via online betting sites. Some of these sites might be sanctioned by states that have legal sports gambling. Others are located in offshore locations where sports gambling is legal.

We’re going to focus on the online method, simply because we know that there might not be a sportsbook that’s near you. And even if there is, betting online is much more convenient. Many websites even include sports betting via mobile devices that you can take with you, meaning that you can wager any time, any place.

If you’re a newcomer to online gambling, you might be a little wary about getting started. But the process is quite simple, as you’ll probably be following these steps, no matter what site that you choose:

Sign up for the site by providing some basic information and creating a user name and password
Add funding to the account, using a credit card or other methods accepted by the site
Collect any bonuses that are due to you for signing up
Make your bets
If you win and want to collect your winnings, make a request for a withdrawal

We should warn you to only choose sites that are reliable and trustworthy. It’s OK to use overseas sites as long as they’re ranked about the best sports gambling sites. Here is our list of the top gambling sites for Olympic golf:


As far as making your bet, we’ll explain all about the types of bets and how the odds work for Olympic golf. But just keep in mind when you make your online wagers that you need to know the following:

Which bet you’re going to make
Which choice you’re going to make within that bet
How much money you’re going to wager

Betting Olympic Golf on the Moneyline

We’ll explain to you all the different kinds of wagers you can make on Olympics golf in just a bit. But what you need to realize is that most bets that you make at sports betting sites, for the Olympics or anything else, will use what is known is the moneyline. You’ll be able to use the moneyline to tell how much money you’ll be paid based on the size of your wager if you bet correctly.

Oddsmakers use the moneyline as a way of assuring that not too much money gets places on one possible outcome. Thus, they come up with a line that, ideally, entices about an equal amount of betting on all sides of the bet. If they feel that too much money is being bet on one side, they might adjust the line as a way of making corrections.

Bettors simply need to know how the moneyline works so that you can decide if you’re getting the odds that seem like a good deal to you. Moneyline odds use the number 100 as the foundation. It works like this:

If you see a plus sign before the number on the line, it means you have to bet $100 to win that amount
If you see a minus sign before the number on the line, it means that you have to bet that amount to win $100

The number on the line will always be higher than 100. Thus, what that means is that a minus-number requires you to bet a little more than what you’ll get in profit. A minus number means that you’ll get back more than the size of your wager.

You’ll hear some people tell you that the minus represents a favorite and the plus represents an underdog, but that’s not entirely true. There can be wagers with more than one minus line. And there can also be bets where there are only plus lines.

What mattes is that you understand how much you’ll get paid in relation to your bet. Here is an example of a typical moneyline:

Option 1: -150
Option 2: +200

In this case, a $150 wager on Option 1 will return you $100 if you win. A $100 bet will bring you $200 if you bet Option 2 and it wins. Keep in mind that you are not locked into those amounts, however, as you can adjust how much you want to wager.

The moneyline sets the ratio for all bets you might want to make. In our example, you’ll be getting $1 back on every $1.50 bet on Option 1. And you’ll be getting $2 back for every $1 bet on Option 2.

The moneyline will also be in place for wagers with more than two possible outcomes. Once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to take a glance at Olympic golf odds and see which bets provide the most value for you. After a few bets, the moneyline will become second nature and you won’t really have to think too much to do your calculations.

Types of Olympic Golf Bets

Sports betting websites will usually offer bets without worrying too much about what other sites are doing. What that means is that each sports betting site that you visit might present you with an entirely different menu of Olympic golf bets than other sites. You’ll get to shop around to find the ones that are just right for you.

That said, there are certain golf betting staples that you can probably find at multiple sites. These staples each have their own expected payback and risk involved. Take a look at what these bets entail.

Medal Bets

Since we’re dealing with the Olympics here, the men and women golfers involved won’t be playing for purse. Instead, they’ll be battling it out for medals, with gold going to the first-place finisher, silver to the runner-up, and bronze to the person who comes in third. Sports betting sites offering Olympic golf wagers will likely structure them around this.

The Simplest Bet That You’ll Find Will Be Something Like “Who Will Win the Olympic Gold Medal?”

The site will then provide a list of possibilities and include moneylines for all of them. You can bet on as many of them as you want if you want to narrow it down, or you can just take a stab at one player if you feel strongly about their chances.

A bet like this will be difficult to hit because of the somewhat unpredictable nature of golf from week to week and the sheer number of possibilities. But the odds will reflect that, and you’ll have a chance to win a lot of money on a small wager if you make the right choices. It’s possible that sites will also offer similar types of bets for golfers on whether or not they win any medal, not just gold.


Obviously, picking one winner out of a tournament that will include around 60 players or so won’t be easy. You could, as we said, make multiple picks in terms of who will win the gold if you want to improve your odds, but that will cost you more when you add up the bets. If you’re looking for a wager on Olympic golf that is a little easier to win, you should consider matchups.

Matchup bets simply take two players who are playing in the Olympic golf tournament and pit them against each other. Whichever players ends up finishing better wins the bet. It doesn’t matter if they medal or not.

Depending on the two players involved, it could be a case where odds are pretty. Or you might have a situation where one player is a sizable favorite over the other. But in any case, matchup bets in Olympic golf are much more winnable as just an either/or proposition.


Group bets in golf split the difference somewhat between the two bets we’ve already mentioned. As we mentioned, winning a bet on who will win the gold medal in the upcoming Summer Olympic golf tournament, on either he men’s or women’s side, is a bit of a slim chance. And matchup bets don’t pay much more than even money in most cases, meaning that you’re not getting much back in return for your wager.

A group bet works the same as a matchup bet but with more players involved. It wouldn’t be surprising to see sports betting websites group together three, four of even five golfers together and let you bet on which player performs the best out of that group. The more players are involved in the bet, the longer the odds are likely to be, meaning more lucrative payouts than what you can get for a matchup wager.

In addition, picking one out of three, four or five is much more likely than picking one out of 60. Group bets in Olympic golf due a nice job of combining higher payback with reasonable risk. That might make them just what you’re looking for if you don’t want either extreme.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are useful in that they cover aspects of the action that are often unrelated to the actual outcome in terms of who wins the gold. They might follow the exploits of n individual player. Or they could also take more of a look at the general Olympic golf action.

A prop bet is essentially proposed by the oddsmakers at Olympic golf betting sites. They’ll set the terms of the wager, and then you get the chance to accept or not. They open to door to creative wagers, and each site will often come up with its own unique mix of prop bets.

In terms of Olympic golf prop bets, they could end up looking like these examples, among many other possibilities:

Which player will hit the longest drive?
Which player will be ahead after the first round?
Will there be any hole-in-one shots?
What will be the final margin of victory?
How many players will be under par at the end of the tournament?

As you can see, prop bets are a bit off the beaten path from who is going to win the tournament? They also can be a lot of fun, especially for casual golf bettors who don’t know every player and inside and out. Just make sure to take them seriously enough that you give yourself a legitimate shot of winning.

The Advantages of Betting on Olympic Golf

There are over 30 sports and 300 medal events taking place at the 2021 Summer Olympics, which means a lot of different betting choices at top sports betting sites. But we think that Olympic golf presents you with some advantages that some of the other sports don’t. Take a look at some of those advantages waiting for you.

There is a familiarity that many fans have with gold that they just don’t have with some of the other popular Summer Olympics events. Some of those sports fade from the public eye in the years when the Olympics aren’t taking place and they aren’t followed with the same kind of fervor in those off-years by sports media. But golf is in the spotlight almost all year every year, which should give you an edge in assessing the chances of players you’ve seen often.
Because golf is so popular, there is more of a betting infrastructure in play for it at top sports betting sites. Oddsmakers are used to coming up with lines and bets for professional golf tournaments each and every week. That means that you’ll have a bit more variety available to you in your betting.
Because of that variety, you can really find the Olympic golf wagers that fit right into your betting wheelhouse. You can choose based on what your own tolerance for risk is, compared to how much you’re hoping to win. Other sports might not give you those same choices, meaning you could end up forcing a bet with which you’re not too comfortable.

Strategies for Betting on Olympic Golf

Once you’ve figured out the process for betting at an online gambling site and have learned all about the odds, all that’s left is to decide the bets you want to make. Online gambling can be a lot of fun, but it’s much more fun if you’re winning. You have a much better chance of coming out on top if you go into it with a game plan.

With that in mind, we’ve got some simple strategies in mind that can help you with your Olympic golf wagering. You can use them as general guidelines to help point you in the right direction of your wagers. And if you want to go deeper with analytics and player study, you can always go that route if you choose.

Look At Recent Results

Golf is very much a sport of feel, and when a player gets that feel and goes on a hot streak, it can give them an edge on their competitors. As a result, you can look at recent results and use them as a guide for the Olympics tournament. That could give you an idea of who is coming into the action with them game in order, and it could also tell you who’s struggling.

But you should also balance that out with a look at players who might seem to be doing too much. If a player has been involved in plenty of tournaments coming into the Olympics, it could be an indicator that they might be heading into the event tired. And that could lead to subpar play when the Olympics action begins.

One other thing you should look into is who did well in the 2016 Olympics. That was the first time that Olympic medals were up for grabs for modern golfers, and those that did well might be able to rise to the occasion. As a reminder:

Men’s Gold: Justin Rose, Great Britain
Men’s Silver: Henrik Swenson, Sweden
Men’s Bronze: Matt Kuchar, United States
Women’s Gold: Inbee Park, South Korea
Women’s Silver: Lydia Ko, New Zealand
Women’s Bronze: Shanshan Feng, China

Find the Odds That You Like

As you move from site to site looking at odds for Olympic golf, you might notice that the odds are slightly different at each site. The differences probably won’t be anything too substantial, but it could provide you with an opportunity to improve your profit chances. As long as the sites you’re checking out are legitimate and safe, this so-called “line shopping” can really come in handy.

For Example:

Let’s say that you’ve focused on one player that you think is going to rise to the occasion and win the gold. You should then shop around a little bit to see where the odds on that player are most beneficial to you.

Let’s imagine that you found the following odds at three separate sites:

Site 1: +400
Site 2: +450
Site 3: +500

As you can see, Site 3 offers you odds of 5 to 1 and the player in question winning the Olympic gold medal in golf. That’s better than the 9 to 2 at Site 2 or 4 to 1 on Site 3. On a $500 bet, it would mean a difference of $500 at one site and $250 at the other if the player in question were to win.

Line shopping for Olympics golf is a good idea if there’s a single bet that you’re dead set on placing. However, if you plan on making lots of bets at the site, even after the Olympic golf is complete, you should probably choose it based on all of its qualities. You’ll want the best possible site for all of your future wagers.

Wager Based on Your Betting Preferences

People who bet for the first time too often go into it without a plan of what they’re trying to achieve with the wager. The first thing you should do is decide what kind of end results you’re hoping to accomplish. That will lead you in the right direction of the bets that you want to make.

You might go into Olympics golf with a single golfer that you think is going to play very well over the four rounds. How you approach betting on that golfer should depend on you’re the risk level you want to take on and the money that you’re hoping to win. There are several types of betting styles, such as:

You want the chance at winning a lot of money in a hurry. This usually that you’re all right with an increased risk of losing your bet with the idea that it could pay off big if you win.
You want to make a profit no matter what, even if it’s only a small amount. That means that you’re not OK with a lot of risky bets that have little chance of coming in.
You want to strike a balance and get value from your bets regardless of how that occurs. That could mean taking a chance at an occasional long shot but only if you think it’s undervalued in the odds.

That term “value” is a key one to consider whenever you’re making any kind of wager, including one on Olympic golf. You need to be able to make bets that maximize your possible payback while minimizing your acceptable risk. Once you’ve defined what that acceptable level is for you, you’ll be able to locate the bets on Olympic golf that suit what you’ve uncovered.

Summer Olympics 2021 Golf Schedule

If you want to wager on the 2021 Summer Olympics golf event, you’ll need to know when each part of it takes place. The men get the first crack at Kasumigaseki Golf Course, followed by the women. Here are the dates:

July 29: Men’s First Round
July 30: Men’s Second Round
July 31: Men’s Third Round
August 1: Men’s Final Round
August 2: Women’s First Round
August 3: Women’s Second Round
August 4: Women’s Third Round
August 5: Women’s Final Round

Each tournament will be a four-round stroke play event. That means that the player with the lowest score at the end of four 18-hole rounds will be the winner.

Top Players at the 2021 Summer Olympics Golf Event

The 2021 Summer Olympics will draw some of the top players in the world to the event. As we said, the chance to win a gold medal can mean a lot more to these players than winning another big purse on their respective tours. Here are some of the players expected to make some noise during the Olympics.

Jon Rahm, Spain: Coming off his win in the 2021 US Open, Rahm moved to the top spot in the World Golf rankings. Now he’d like to add a victory in the Olympics to what’s been an incredible stretch of golf for him. He’ll lead a Spanish contingent that also includes Adi Arnaus.
Rory McIlroy, Ireland: McIlroy is one of those players who draws attention to him wherever he plays, because he could put together an incredible run at any time. He’s hasn’t bagged a major win in some time, so the Olympics would be a timely prize for him to snare. The only problem with betting him is that his name recognition will make it hard for you to get good value on him.
Bryson DeChambeau, United States: The game’s biggest hitter is one of the top attractions in the sport, with both fans and detractors coming to see where he’ll launch it next. A win in the Olympics will go a long way to silencing his critics, at least for a little while.
Inbee Park, South Korea: Park will have the chance to win back-to-back gold medals, after she conquered the field in Argentina in 2016. She’s been forthright about how much such a victory would mean to her. The rest of the field will be trying to knock her off and keep her from that momentous feat.
Nelly Korda, United States: Korda has recently moved to the top of the world’s rankings after back to back wins, including the PGA Championship. This will be her first Olympic experience. She’ll definitely be one of the favorites at the sports betting sites offering Olympic gold.


The 2021 Summer Olympics golf competition should feature a lot of impressive play and drama as the players battle for the gold medals on both sides. Let’s see if your bets match up with who ends up on the podium when all is said and done. Hopefully, this little guide will improve your chances of that happening.

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