Betting Opportunities for Baseball at the Summer Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics are returning in 2021 and that means the return of events with which we’re all familiar, such as track and field and swimming. But this year it also means that baseball will be on the Olympic menu for the first time in over a decade. That should bring about a surge in betting interest at top gambling sites, considering the familiarity that Americans have with the sport.

It’s odd to think that the sport that, in America anyway, is most associated with summer has rarely been a part of the Summer Olympics. The logistics of it are part of the problem, as it’s pretty much impossible for top pros to compete. Nonetheless, baseball is back in the Olympics this year as a medal sport, with six countries battling it out for the gold medal.

You might not recognize many of the games playing in the Olympic baseball tournament. But you will recognize the play on the field, as the rules for the international game are pretty much the standard ones that most fans of the sport know. And that means the bettors should also be able to take advantage of the action.

Baseball Betting Familiarity

For American sports bettors, the mechanics of the different types of bets available on Olympic baseball should be quite familiar. That’s because baseball is one of the most popular of all sports every single year in America, an that’s the case for many of the other countries that are in the Olympic tournament. It might entice many bettors than some of the other sports that only come around during the Olympics and seem to disappear for the next four years.

The interesting part of betting on baseball in the Summer Olympics will be the fact that many of the players will be relatively unknown. This will be true even in the countries from which they hail. While that means you might have to do some research to learn about them, it could also produce some value gambling opportunities as well.

In the following article, we’ll explain everything you need to know to get started with wagering on Olympic baseball. We’ll tell you how to place your bets at top sports gambling websites, what kinds of bets you can make, and what type of strategies will be helpful. On top of that, we’ll preview the odds for 2021 Olympic baseball wagering to give you an idea of what to expect.

2021 Olympics Baseball Schedule

The 2021 Summer Olympics baseball competition will consist of two different stages. There is the group stage, where all teams compete in a short round robin consisting of two games apiece. That will determine the rankings for the double elimination tournament, also known as the Knockout Stage, that will eventually lead to the medalists.

Group Stage Schedule

July 28: Dominican Republic vs Japan
July 29: Israel vs Korea
July 30: Mexico vs Dominican Republic
July 30: USA vs Israel
July 31: Japan vs Mexico
July 31: Korea vs USA

Knockout Stage Schedule

August 1: Round 1 (2 games)
August 2: Round 2: (2 games)
August 3: Round 1 elimination game
August 4: Round 2 elimination game
August 4: Semifinal
August 5: Semifinal
August 7: Final and third-place game

2021 Summer Olympic Baseball Odds

Even though there is still some time before the first game is played, some top gambling websites have begun releasing odds that you can check out. You can even start making your wagers. Bovada, one of the top sports betting sites, have released the following odds to win the Summer Olympics baseball gold medal:

Japan (+115)
South Korea (+300)
USA (+300)
Dominican Republic (+600)
Mexico (+1000)
Israel (+3300)

You can see that the home country, Japan, is the early favorite, perhaps because of the comfort level that the Japanese players will get from playing at home. Keep In mind that there will be no fans in the stands, so that might limit that home-field edge somewhat. But Japan is a traditional baseball power anyway, so the little boost they get from being at home could push them over the edge.

It’s no surprise then to see the USA as the co-second choice with South Korea. And it’s also expected that Israel is bringing up the rear in terms of the odds, as they don’t have the international track record of the other teams listed here. But it still should be a wide-open tournament where anything can happen.

The Basics of Online Olympics Wagering

Your first instinct might be to bet in person if you want to wager on the 2021 Summer Olympics baseball action. But you can only do that if you’re located somewhere near a land-based sportsbook in a US state that allows sports gambling. While that is becoming more and more likely with each passing week as more states legalize sports betting, many just won’t have that opportunity.

Luckily, there are top gambling websites which will help you to wager on the Olympics baseball action without having to physically be anywhere specific. You just have to have an account at one of these sites and an internet connection. With mobile betting, you can even take the betting action with you if you’re not going to be staying in one place for too long.

As far as the process for online betting. It’s a pretty simple one. Here are the basic steps:

Sign up for a site, which requires some personal information, a user name and a password.
Fund your account by making a deposit in a method that is accepted by the site, such as credit cards or cryptocurrency
Activate any bonuses that are owed to you to improve your betting bottom line
Make your bets
Collect your winnings by putting in a request for a withdrawal

It’s important that you choose your gambling sites wisely when it comes to online Olympics baseball betting. The best sites are those that provide you with a safe, reliable and enjoyable gambling experience.

Understanding Baseball Betting Odds

If wagering on the baseball action at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is your first time online gambling, you might not understand the odds system that is in play. Indeed, the moneyline, which is the system of odds that is utilized at most top online sports gambling sites, can look like gibberish to the uninitiated. Luckily, once you learn a little about it, it won’t be that intimidating and you’ll be making wagers on Olympic baseball without any issues.

Moneyline wagering is based on the concept of $100 being the foundational bet. A minus sign in front of the number indicates a bet where you’ll be getting back less in profit than the amount of your wager, while the opposite is true when there is a plus sign in front of the moneyline number. Here are the basics:

A minus sign in front of the line number indicates that you have to bet the amount listed to win $100 of profit in return
A plus sign in front of the line number indicates that you have to bet $100 to win the amount listed as profit in return

As an example, let’s say that you have a bet with the following two outcomes listed:

Outcome A: -125
Outcome B: +150

In this case, a $125 bet on Outcome A would win you $100 in profit in return. When we say profit, we mean that you would get your $125 wager back plus $100 in winnings. And if you bet on Outcome B, you would get $150 back on a $100 wager if you’re correct.

Keep in mind that you’re not restricted to betting the amounts listed above. You can wager your own preferred amount. The ration provided by the moneyline would dictate your winnings based on the size of your wager.

The moneyline can also be used for wagers with more than two outcomes. And it will be in play for just about every type of Olympics baseball wager that you might find. Once you understand how it works, betting at a sports website will be easy for you.

Types Of Olympics Baseball Wagers

Olympic baseball betting can take the form of many different wagers. Which bets you’ll be able to make could depend on the website that you end up using and the choices that they provide to you. In any case, knowing a little bit about how each one works will help you make the right selection based on what you want out of your wager.

Medals Betting

The Olympics baseball competition will take the form of the six competing countries battling it out in preliminary rounds, followed by a double-elimination tournament to determine the medalists. And since medaling is what it’s all about in the Summer Olympics, that will be the basis for the most common type of wager. You’ll be given odds for the six teams on the tournament (more on those odds later), and you’ll have the chance to pick a winner.

Since you’ll have to pick from among six possibilities, the odds that you get for the medal wager will be among the most lucrative that you get. You can really make a lot of money on a single wager if you choose right. Even if you bet the favorite, chances are you’ll get a good return on your wagering investment if you are victorious.

The flipside to this that betting on who will win the gold medal in Olympics baseball won’t be easy because there are six possibilities, many of whom are pretty evenly-matched. That means you’ll have to deal with the fact that chances of a loss are greater than if you were making an either/or wager. You have to decide if all that is OK with your betting temperament.

Single-Game Betting

Because the 2021 Summer Olympics event is a kind of tournament, there will be many individual games between countries. And you’re likely to find betting lines on each of these games at top sports betting site. That gives you the chance at single-game wagering opportunities that might be more to your liking than if you were betting who would win a medal.

There are a number of different types of single-game wagers that bettors who know the sport probably understand quite well. If you need a refresher, here are those bet varieties:

Winner of Game

This is the easiest wager to understand on any baseball betting menu. You’ll get to choose which of the two teams will win the game, with moneyline odds attached to both. It will be more lucrative for you if you bet the underdog and it wins then if you bet on the favorite and it cashes in.


A spread bet is one in which the oddsmaker assigns a number designed to even out the two teams for betting purposes. A common over/under wagering line in baseball is 1 ½ runs, which will either, depending on how you look at it, be added to the favorite’s total at the end of the game or subtracted from the favorite’s total for the purpose of the bet. With the spread in place, favorites and underdogs are brought closer together in terms of their chances of winning the wager.


You might hear totals referred to in some areas as points or over/under, but the concept is the same no matter what. The oddsmakers at a top sport gambling site will assign a line based on how many runs will be scored by both teams at the end of the game. You, as a bettor, have to guess will be over or under that total.

The lure of these single game bets is that you’re dealing with an either/or choice. Even if you don’t know a single thing about the teams involved, you can still end up with a 50/50 chance or so by just taking a guess. Bets like these often provide more modest returns, however, than those where there are more than two choices in the wager.

Proposition Bets

We can’t be sure that you’ll find a lot of proposition wagers for Olympics baseball at every one of the top gambling sites you discover. But you should be able to find some here and there to spice up your betting action. Prop bets are wagers where the betting site is proposing terms on a wager that might be a bit off the beaten path, and you have to decide whether or not you’ll accept.

The cool thing about baseball prop bets is that they don’t necessarily have to be tied in to the winner of a specific game or the overall tournament. In fact, the bets don’t have to be related in any way to the outcome at all. Some hypothetical Olympic baseball wagers that you might be able to find at top gambling sites include:

Which player will lead the tournament in home runs?
Will anyone pitch a shutout?
Will a manager or player get ejected from a game during the tournament?
How many runs will be scored in the tournament?
Which player will lead the tournament in pitching strikeouts?

Prop bets can be fun because they let you approach betting the action in a different manner than you might otherwise have considered. But considering that they could bring you solid payback, you should take them seriously when you do your research. They could be a way for you to come out on with a profit when all the Olympics baseball action is completed.

Advantages of Olympic Baseball Betting

With just one set of medals at stake, you might wonder what advantages there are to betting baseball at the 2021 Summer Olympics when there are more than 30 other events being contested. It could simply come down to your preferences. But there are certain qualities you get out of betting baseball that are unique, such as these:

The familiarity factor is key, as baseball is a sport that American sports fans see just about every day of the year from April through October. If you’ve already been betting professional baseball, it’s not much of a leap to take on the Olympics event. There won’t be much of an adjustment for you.
Baseball is a sport with concrete results that can’t be argued as much as other top Olympic sports. For example, top sports such as diving or gymnastics have results that are based on the decisions of judges. With baseball, there is a clear-cut winner and loser in each game based on the simple math of who scores more runs.
The baseball competition will cover most of the roughly two-week period of the Summer Olympics. Preliminary round action begins in the middle of the first week, and the final games will be played on August 7, the day before the closing of the games. As a result, you should be able to enjoy baseball betting action for most of that time period.

Olympic Baseball Betting Strategy Tips

One of the difficult factors in betting Olympic baseball is the fact that many of the players will be relative unknowns. Some might have a history of minor league baseball or even may have enjoyed a brief stay in the majors. But you won’t find any top pros from leagues like Major League Baseball in the US or Japan’s professional leagues.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go into the action without a strategy. There are certain general tips that will hold true no matter who the players might be. Here are some of the ways that you can tackle your Olympics baseball betting with a game plan to improve your chances of winning.

Pitching Matchups Are Key

This strategy tip is useful for both betting individual games and the potential medal winners. When you’re betting baseball, you can get caught up with which teams are scoring runs and hitting home runs. But you should really be focused, if you’re betting the action, on which teams and players are pitching well.

If you’re betting on which team should win the gold, you should look at the ones with solid depth among their pitching staff. That means not just a stable of good starters, but also a deep bullpen of relief pitchers. The bullpen might be even more important when it comes to tournament play like this, since teams will be playing many games in a relatively short span of time.

When you get to the individual games, you should really look at the starting pitchers that each team will be sending out. Look also if there is an edge in matchups, such as a left-handed starter going against a lineup with mostly left-handed batters. The old adage is that good pitching beats good offense, and it makes sense to follow that as you make your wagers.

Bet for Value

This is a piece of strategy that can apply to just about any type of wager that you might make in the Olympic games, and it certainly makes sense for baseball. You probably shouldn’t be looking to make every single bet available to you when it comes to Olympics baseball. If you did that, your losses would probably negate your wins and you might be lucky to break even.

Instead, you should be looking for specific wagers that bring you the most value. It might be a team that you think can challenge for the gold medal even though their odds are a bit longer than the favorites. Or it could be in an individual game, with an underdog perhaps putting out a solid pitcher against a heavy favorite.

In any case, you should be on the lookout for the wagers that bring you the best return on investment. Obviously, these should be bets that you have a legitimate chance of winning. If you can identify these bets, you can score a nice profit even over a relatively short amount of time, such as the time span of the Olympic Games.

Look for the Hot Team

One of the things that professional baseball fans know about is the way that a team can be just so-so during the regular season but then get hot during the postseason. It’s the so-called “small sample size” issue, where anything can happen over a short period of time. That’s why when you’re wagering on the Olympics, you need to be aware of the teams that are suddenly hitting a hot streak.

That means watching the results as they come in each day. If it seems like a certain team can do no wrong for several games in a row, it’s not the worst idea to ride that streak out for as long as it lasts. And, by the same token, a team that is in a funk might be one to bet against until they can find a way to snap out of it.

It’s possible that the team winning the gold medal for baseball at the end of the Olympic Games might not be the very best in the tournament all things being equal. But they could certainly be the team that got hot at the best possible time. That’s why you should be trying to identify who that team might be if at all possible.


We hope that this article has given you the foundation to understand baseball wagering for the 2021 Summer Olympics. If you follow along with this and choose one of the top real money sports gambling sites, you should end up having a good experience. And, with a little luck, it might turn out to be a profitable one as well.

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