DreamHack Masters Spring Betting – Odds, Team Previews, Predictions


How did your bets far on the recently finished Funspark ULTI? If your niche are upset-friendly contests, then you’ve probably had a proper blast. The question now is – can betting on DreamHack Masters Spring bring forth another set of high-value results? Well, I for one see no reason for it not to happen. The stage is nicely poised, CSGO is far from a one-team show right now, meaning we could be in for a real ace-friendly treat here!

Not every ace is equal, but all of them are hype, check out the 10 best aces at #DHMasters! ?

How many aces will we see at #DHMasters Spring? ? pic.twitter.com/t8c7YxLDwP

— DreamHack Counter-Strike (@DreamHackCSGO) April 24, 2021

Where to Bet on DreamHack Masters

Let’s address the important stuff right off the bat! Since we’re all about esports betting here, let’s talk about the best platforms that offer betting on DreamHack Masters Spring 2021!

We’ve included a list of the best CSGO betting sites above, but you’ll see several options. Which one is the best one? Well, there’s no single answer there, it all depends on what you deem the most important in an esports bookie. Skim through that page and you’ll get a rough feeling of the best things to look for. You’re welcome!

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Preview

The event starts on April 29th and runs through May 9th. It’s set to feature sixteen teams and pan out in an online environment. You can learn more about the tournament format below.
The live stream is going to be available on the official DreamHack CSGO Twitch channel. Make sure you tune in to the action this week. It’s going to be epic!
There’s $250,000 in the prize pool, with $100,000 going to the winning team. The likes of Heroic and Gambit are the main favorites, with NaVi and Virtus.pro chasing the title from the shadows.

Tournament Format

Nothing too fancy here – DH Masters Spring starts with two double-elimination groups with eight players in each. Opening matches are bo1, all remaining ones are bo3…. Except for the bo5 grand finals.

Top three teams in each group advance to the playoffs; group winners advance to the semifinals while the remaining teams have to go through the quarterfinals.

That’s pretty much it as far as the tournament format goes. Let’s move onto the next section of our guide for betting on DreamHack Masters Spring 2021!

DreamHack Masters Spring Team Overviews

Here comes the main part of the piece, team overviews. Sixteen teams are set to compete on DH Masters Spring – here’s a closer look at ten of them!


The first team we’re going to talk about here is Gambit. Believe it or not, Gambit is the number one ranked CSGO team in the world right now. Yep, according to the newest HLTV rankings, ax1le and the boys are at the top of the world.

Nothing surprising, come to think of it. After all, they have been nothing but superb this year. They finished all of their top-tier events among the top four, which means we’re talking about an utmost tenacious team here.

If there’s one thing that stands out with this Gambit roster, it’s their dueling ability and clutch potential. Heck, they started their rise to the top thanks to some wicked clutches back in February. Coming into this event, Ax1le and the boys are among the heavy favorites, and I believe these last few paragraphs perfectly explain the reason why.


G2… G2… G2… Things just don’t work for them. They have NiKo, they have nexa, they have huNter. KennyS is no longer a part of the deal, but the aforementioned trio should be just enough for them to clinch the top ten with proper consistency. Unfortunately, they just can’t make it happen.

Why is that so? Well, I honestly don’t think the Balkan connection is the problem here. It’s obvious that G2 wants to build a team around NiKo, nexa, and huNter, but I am puzzled as to why they don’t give them the freedom of getting two players from the Balkan region so they can switch their coms to their native language. It wouldn’t mean a lot since we’re talking about three experienced players here, but perhaps it’s what’s preventing G2 from spreading its wings once again…

G2 Kickstart the Show Against Spirit

They played against them earlier this month on BLAST Premier Showdown. NiKo and the boys emerged as the winners, and I reckon they’ll repeat the same on DH Spring. As for more betting predictions, there’s nothing that needs to be added here. Let’s move onto the next team, Faze Clan!

Faze Clan

Since NiKo’s departure, Faze Clan have played twenty-five matches and managed to win just nine of them. Yep, let’s just say their efficiency isn’t ideal! They’re dealing with issues far worse than they’d initially thought. On the bright side, they did compete against some of the world’s best teams, but if they want to be labeled as one, they need to drastically improve their win ratio.

Could Faze Clan surprise everyone here and qualify for the playoffs? Well, I honestly don’t think they can. Even though they now sport a formidable roster, they lack creativity on the attacking end, and resilience on the defensive. Moving forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another roster alteration, one that would make more sense considering the strengths and weaknesses of starters.

Individually, broky is the only Faze Clan player worth pointing out. The Latvian prodigy might not be as impeccable as YEKINDAR, but he’s definitely showing potential. Who would’ve guessed Latvia has such a proper pool of CSGO talents…


Natus Vincere are among the favorites here. That said, make sure you include the CIS powerhouse in your DreamHack Masters Spring betting selection. Thanks to the two latest campaigns, both of which have been utmost disastrous, the odds on NaVi to win this tournament are pretty hefty. The same ought to be true for their matches too. We might see a fair share of high-value bets on S1mple and the company. If you ask me, that’s something you’ll have to exploit!

What’s NaVi’s schedule like?

Well, they’re going up against Mousesports in the first round. We haven’t seen good old mouz in quite a while, but I doubt they’re going to create a headache for S1mple and the boys. Who knows, though, we’re seeing upsets left and right.

Despite kicking 2021 off with the BLAST Premier Global Final title, they failed to reach their potential on IEM XV World Championship and ESL Pro League Season 13. Could NaVi’s dry spell extend to another event? I guess we have to wait and see…


Virtus.pro could be in for a proper show here! Their Funspark ULTi campaign didn’t take off, to put it simply, but I’m sure they’re going to turn a new page against Faze Clan in the opening round. YEKINDAR and Jame are still hot, despite those two awful overtime-fueled losses last week. They just need to keep doing what they do best and, with just a bit of luck, better results will follow!

Generally speaking, VP’s track record is actually pretty sweet. They took off in early December with the Flashpoint S2 title, following it up with triumphs on DH Open December and CS_summit 7. They almost made a sensation on IEM XV World Championship too. They went all the way but failed to defeat Gambit in the grand finals.

However, Virtus.pro won’t have an easy task in the second round, assuming they defeat Faze Clan. They’ll be going up against the winner of NaVi vs. Mouz. If it’s the CIS champions who take the W in that one, we’ll be in for a true classic!


Obviously, Astralis have been in all the biggest CSGO news this week. You’ve probably heard it already, Device left Astralis and signed for Ninjas in Pyjamas, in what was one of the most shocking transfers in CSGO’s history. DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 is going to be the debut of the deviceless Astralis; it’s going to be a weird one, that’s for sure!

Even with Device, though, Astralis just couldn’t make it happen! Thanks to several solid results in late 2020, people thought they’d see Astralis’ comeback. Little did they know Astralis’ early 2021 would be one of their worst spells ever.

Looking forward to our first game with @NIPCS :100:#GONINJAS https://t.co/njzg0KuklF

— Nicolai Reedtz (@dev1ce) April 23, 2021

The thing is, I doubt we’re going to see Astralis in the best of lights on this event. Device’s absence will be real, make no mistake about it. So, if you’re thinking of betting on DreamHack Masters Spring, perhaps betting on Astralis isn’t the smartest idea.


Where’s ZywOo? What’s happening with Vitality? Many hope the French team will spring back to life following RpK’s departure. However, they are taking a massive risk with Kyojin. I mean, some of his highlight reels are dirty af, but I’m not sure if he’s going to be a good fit with the rest of the team. He’s not that young, though, but he doesn’t have that much competitive experience, to begin with. Vitality sure are making a bold move here…

How Does Their Group Stage Bracket Look?

Well, it’s not too bad… but not impossible either! They start off against Complexity and move up (hopefully) against the better of Astralis vs. Extra Salt. The second part of the group is problematic, though, but we’ll talk about it once we get there.

Extra Salt

Even though they didn’t win the title in the end, Extra Salt sure did show b***s and established themselves as a potential top-tier NA contestant! The word potential could go away on this event, should Extra Salt reach the playoffs in what’s a pretty chaotic group stage setup.

Sonic and the boys are set to play against Astralis in the opening round. Device now plays for NiP, meaning we could see a totally different Astralis on this event. It’s going to be weird, that’s for sure! If ES defeats the Danish side, they’ll be set to play the better of Complexity vs. Vitality. The final round has no shortage of top-notch contestants; FURIA, BIG, Heroic, all tough teams that are bound to stand up to the up-and-coming NA team.

oSee and Sonic are going to be needed against Astralis. If they kick things off on the right foot, we might see Extra Salt make waves throughout the group stage. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if they see the exit door right off the bat…


The Germans finally lifted a trophy, following several months of absolutely terrible results. Their track records had been awful prior to the Funspark ULTI show. Heck, even then, they lost the opening match against Extra Salt, only to get back at them in the grand finals with a map disadvantage. Yep, BIG players can be proud of themselves.

That brings the question – how far can the Germans go on DreamHack Masters Spring? Remember, BIG are the current DH Spring champions, having won the last iteration with a banging win against G2 in the grand finals. Can they repeat that campaign and extend their DH Masters win record? Well, as far as betting on DreamHack Masters Spring winner goes, you’d sure get a ton of money if you bet on the Germans…


Finally, Heroic! According to most esports betting sites, Heroic are the main favorites to win DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. Yep, they are above the likes of Gambit, NaVi, and Virtus.pro. And while they might not exactly have the very best players in their starting roster, their track record emphasizes them as a consistent and resilient side.

Currently Ranked as the 2nd-Best Team in the World, Heroic Are a Force to Be Reckoned With

The likes of TeSeS and cadiaN are setting the tempo for others, and so far they’ve been doing a splendid job. Remember, this roster started playing together just two months ago (exactly two months ago, come to think), meaning they’re only going to keep on improving.

But, is Heroic really the team you should bet on here. Well, they did win the thirteenth season of ESL Pro League and reached the semifinals of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, but I honestly think they’re going to make a flop here. It’s just my opinion based on their past tendencies of bottling campaigns following a good track record.

Long-Term Betting on DreamHack Masters Spring

Numerous bookmakers still offer odds for betting on DreamHack Masters Spring winner. It’s nothing unusual, massive events such as this one always attract plenty of esports betting demand.

What about the odds, are they any good? Heck, should you even consider betting on the outright winner for this event, especially seeing how upset-friendly CSGO events have been thus far in 2021?

Well, it all depends on your CSGO betting preferences. We could say anything here, but if you already have your mind set to bet on the outright winner here, there’s no much we can say that’ll stop you.

With that in mind, the best thing we can do is give you guys a closer look at the odds.

Here they come:

Heroic +350
Gambit +400
Astralis +450
Natus Vincere +500
Virtus.pro +600

Here are the top five favorites coming into this event. Keep in mind, though, Astralis odds are there to trick you – without device in their starting roster, realistic odds for Astralis to win this one are much higher than +450.

That said, I honestly don’t know who to emphasize here. The odds on Heroic are fine, but I doubt they can achieve another miraculous campaign. The same goes for Gambit. As for NaVi and Virtus.pro, we might see them show up for the occasion, especially YEKINDAR and the boys who’ve had a rather disastrous Funspark ULTI 2020 campaign.

Be that as it is, we’ve reached the end of our tips for betting on DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. It’s going to be a good one; a proper introduction for the upcoming Flashpoint S3 spectacle!

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