MA’s Sports Gambling Bill is Heading to the House This Week

Massachusetts is home to one of the largest, most passionate sporting fan bases in the United States. These fans have been pushing for legal sports gambling options for years. This week, news broke that MA’s sports gambling bill is finally making its way to the House!

This is certainly exciting news for many individuals across the state of Massachusetts. Several important steps are still necessary for regulated sports betting options to become available here, though. Now is a great time to talk about what exactly is happening here.

Let’s get into it!

Sports Betting Continues Growing More Popular Every Month

The US sports betting industry didn’t truly launch until the US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA in May of 2018. This decision sent shockwaves through the country’s entire gambling industry. With PASPA gone, every state in the country had the ability to legalize and tax sports gambling.

Several states immediately launched their sports gambling operations. Others quickly began approving legislation to get this form of gambling approved. Of course, the majority of states have been slowly embracing sports betting since PASPA has been removed.

Many states are now unable to ignore the massive potential for tax revenue from legal sports betting. That is particularly true with the states that have regulated online sportsbooks up and running. It’s become clear that most bettors around the country prefer to make their wagers from home, rather than inside a retail sportsbook.

Recently, several prominent sports betting hubs released their revenue reports for the month of June. The vast majority of them saw impressive month-on-month increases. This news is clearly making its way to other states such as Maryland, which recently approved its own set of sports betting rules.

Analysts have been eagerly waiting to hear news on Massachusetts’ own efforts to legalize sports gambling. Things have moved slower here than initially expected. Fortunately, there has been some real progress to get sports betting approved here soon.

Massachusetts could quickly develop one of the most successful sports betting industries in the country. Here’s a quick look at the recent progress being made here.

Here’s an Exciting Update on MA’s Sports Gambling Bill

There are many areas of the country known for their raucous sporting fan bases. Perhaps nowhere has quite the level of fanaticism for sports that Massachusetts does. With teams like the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, that is not much of a surprise.

This is part of the reason why so many residents here have been calling for legal sports betting options to become available. Some of the top politicians in the state agree. The huge amount of revenue that could be earned outweighs the moral objections some other state leaders may have toward sports gambling.

Residents here may not need to wait too much longer to make bets on their favorite teams. News broke this week that MA’s sports gambling bill is officially heading to the House of Representatives this week. It’s a crucial step in getting a piece of sports betting legislation approved at the highest level.

If given the green light in the House, this bill will work its way to the Senate. Historically speaking, issues tend to arise between what the House and Senate want. If a compromise can be made and both bodies approve this bill, it will head to Governor Baker’s office for final approval. Officials within the ​​Plainridge Park Casino and Encore Boston Harbor released a joint statement to the media supporting this move.

“We appreciate the hard work by members of the legislature to bring legalized sports betting to the citizens of Massachusetts. As we learned last month, an overwhelming majority of voters support keeping the revenue generated by sports betting in the Commonwealth,” the statement said. “We look forward to working with legislators on this important issue and getting it across the finish line as soon as possible.”

Much of the focus will now be on how the House views this bill. Stay tuned for updates over the next few days!

Biggest Sporting Events Available to Bet on This Week

More than half the country now has a regulated sports betting industry up and running. It may not be long before almost every state has the same. Fortunately, there are still some safe and popular online sports betting sites available throughout the entire country.

That includes Bovada. This website launched more than a decade ago and has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in sports betting. This site is offering some fantastic odds on a number of upcoming sporting events this week.

Many combat sports fans are choosing to bet on the upcoming UFC main event between Cory Sandhagen and TJ Dillashaw. These two men are both on the brink of a title shot at 135 pounds. Their fight is expected to be one for the ages.

As most are aware, the Tokyo Olympic Games are set to begin on Friday. Bovada is one of the few sites offering odds on the entire event! Members here can bet on which athletes win gold across all of the various sports.

These are just a couple of the wagering options available this week. Feel free to check out Bovada to find a complete list of odds available here. There are some real opportunities for members to cash out on a weekly basis.

Are you excited to hear that MA’s sports gambling bill is heading to the House? When do you expect the first sportsbook to launch here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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